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Paella is probably one of the most iconic dishes in Spanish cuisine. If you have been to Spain you have probably tried it, and probably love it. Have you ever want to prepare your own paella for your friends or relatives With this course you will learn what ingredients make authentic paella, understand all its variations and learn this popular Spanish dish.

PASTA Part 1

Who doesn’t love a dish of fresh pasta? It’s at the core of Italian and international cooking. Making fresh pasta is easier and probably more fun than what you think, and when you try the taste of fresh DIY pasta you’ll never want to go back to buying it in the supermarket. It’s cheaper too. With this course you will learn how to make pasta in different textures, colours and shapes. 

PASTA Part 2

If you’re looking for further challenges to pasta making and you want to take your ravioli to the next level this is your course. You will learn different techniques for different patterns and colours on your ravioli/tortellini/tagliatelle… You’ll also learn how to make coloured gnocci and three distinct sauces for your pasta.


I don’t think there is something more easy and reconfirming that doing your own pizza. With this course you will learn to make the dough and bake amazing pizzas from your own oven.

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