1 Octopus, around 600 g
600 g of fresh diced pancetta
3 carrots
2 Celery sticks
4 medium onions, Chopped
80 ml Pomace olive oil
4 tomatoes , grated
800 g of Short Rice ( Paella Rice)
An unusual Paella. A combination of sea and mountain, pork belly and Octopus. Also the fried onion adds a lovely sweetness to this great paella.


1.On a boiling pot we gonna prepare the water to cook the octopus, prepare the carrots and the celery and take it to boil.
2.Is better to use a frozen octopus it will be tender. When the water is boiling add the octopus and leave it at maximum until the water boils again, then leave it on medium heat for 10 minutes more. Check how tender with a knife in one of the legs.
3.Reserve the octopus and the stock.
4.Start the paella frying the onions chopped and the pancetta. When starts to take some colour add the stock and the octopus diced.
5.On a different pan fry the tomatoes with a 20 ml of the olive oil  grated and add it to the paella.
6.Add the rice doing a line from one side to the other one to measure the correct amount of rice.
7.On the first 10 minutes we gonna leave it boiling hard, at this stage is ok to move the rice to distribute it among the paella.
8.Then turn it to low heat and leave it simmer until the stock is consumed and the rice is dry.
9.Leave it to rest for 10 minutes.
10.I hope you enjoy it

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