Two paellas.

Paella from the mountains:

Pheasant , cauliflower and “ Muixernons” ( Fairy ring mushrooms) Paella

The last one was also a game one , but the paellas done with any bird are usually really tasty, so birds should be in your one if you want to do a meat paella.

Muixernons or senderuela» called scotch bonnet o fairy ring mushroom (Marasmius oreades) is a mushroom highly appreciated in the Spanish cuisine and more in my region in Catalunya, where we do an amazing beef and this mushrooms  stew called » Fricando».

And the cauliflower absorbs all the flavours from the mushrooms and the bird and give them a creamy taste.

Try it:      Recipe

Paella from the sea:

Sea bream, squid and prawns paella

And that one is a classic but everyone love it.

This recipe I learned when I was living in Elche (Alicante) from a guy who spent 30 years doing paellas, and became the base to all the rice with fish that I do.

Try this one two:         Recipe

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