Though I’ve been lucky enough to cook in very special London homes I can’t help but feel excited when a home county private dining opportunity comes my way. More so when it’s in someone’s country home. One of my clients lives in Hunton, in a converted barn. A couple of weeks ago I visited her very special place for a very special occasion, her 50th birthday.

When space is less of an issue as it is in London there is usually a wider choice of ways of hosting. In this case, my client’s house was beyond ideal but most of the day was spent in the garden. We chose to host the dinner in the intimate atmosphere of her garden wooden hut.

This was not just a birthday party. My client had just overcome a serious illness so it was a true celebration of life and love. A gathering of family, friends and a very special selection of live piano music. It was a huge honour to be part of the day and I look forward to my next country-home cooking beyond the M25!

Here goes the menu:


Buñuelos ( cod fritters) with roasted vegetable sauce and vegetarian buñuelos with roasted vegetable sauce


Mushrooms and duck salad with orange, beetroot and walnuts 


Sea bass rolls with prawns, spinach, red onion and raisins and 


Home grown rhubarb and apple tart with lemon verbena ice-cream 

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