Guest blogger: Sara. First time supper club foodie.

I have known about Dani’s Supper Club for quite some time now. As a Spanish person I share Dani’s passion for food. I’d never been to one of his supper clubs before but people I know well had told me about how blown away they had been by the experience. I knew what to expect, yet it surpassed my expectations.

Dining together with friends or family is always a special occasion. But there is something very hard to explain about the experience of gathering with people you might not necessarily know for the sole purpose of enjoying food together. There is something exciting about knowing that the others are there to appreciate the experience as much as you. It’s like enjoying a theatre play or a special view, there is only so much you can say about it. The only way to fully gain the experience it is by taking part.

The fact that the venue is not a restaurant makes it unlike any other dining experience. It was a sort of garage space with a huge kitchen that had been taken over by foodies. At the centre of it all was the table and those sat around it. By the time Dani came to greet us we had all introduced ourselves, shared our wine and figured out what the person sitting next to us connection to the club was. I was amazed by how calm Dani looked knowing how much work goes into his menu. He welcomed us with a proud and warm smile and explained what the occasion would be about.

The tapas were nowhere near small dishes. They were three mains presented together, really, but there was plenty of room for the sausage main. Between the two courses the strawberry gazpacho sorbet was served, which was a true surprise to the pallet. The dishes were impeccably presented and the dessert outstanding. Dani kept coming to check on us between every dish and thanked everyone for coming together for the occasion. I feel like I am now ‘part of the club’.

One must experience it to know!

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