This summer’s festival occasion was The Big Feastival, a family-inclusive summer feel-good festival of food and music.

I was asked by Moretti to design the perfect bite for their new beers.

I designed four arancinis to match each of the beers:

  1. An arancini filled with mozarella and courgette for the ‘Originale’
  2. An arancini filled with walnut and saffron for the ‘Toscana’
  3. An arancini filled with crab and dill for the ‘Siciliana’
  4. An arancini filled with prosciutto and chili for ‘la Rossa’

The festival took place on a sunny day and there was a great atmosphere that made the task even more enjoyable.

Lunch soon came our way and some of the younger members in the audience approached us for some tasting.

We also prepared some ‘embutidos’ (cold meet) for some VIP at the festival

And in the evening we went out to offer arancinis to those who hadn’t reached us yet

All in all it was a great day…looking forward to more outdoor festival ventures!

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