Baking recipes from my villages in Spain

This week I decided to do some research and baking about the pastries and cakes that I have been following me since I was a kid. That ones, that you can close your eyes next to them and you are back in time and place.


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Rolletes is an anise biscuit, that in Spanish means small rolls, given obviously by his shape.

A few years ago, I met Timoteo, he was the baker at my village, Puebla de Arenoso, at the bar and I ask him for the recipe of one of the most iconic pastry in the village, Rolletes.

He, with a big smile, give it to me, so I came back this time to London, with the recipe written on a piece of paper and a bottle of Cazalla ( Dry anise Liquor ) in my luggage .

This was 8 years ago, and cleaning during the quarantine , I found the bottle but I couldn’t find the recipe.

Then I contact his Daughter , Aurora, who happily gave me the recipe after point me that she was in the village , next to the lady of the rolls, her Mum.

So I didn’t waste time and this morning I cook a fresh batch, and when I open the oven I closed my eyes , and I was back there, in my village in one of the mornings at La calle la Portera.

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