This week I decided to do some research and baking about the pastries and cakes that I have been following me since I was a kid. That ones, that you can close your eyes next to them and you are back in time and place.


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Píngano, is a walnut torte from the village of my mum, called Vallanca, a small village that belongs to Rincón de Ademuz, in Spain.

For me the píngano, it’s always been, my breakfast there. Vallanca and all the region has a lot of walnut trees, so on the table was always a piece for breakfast, that my grandma or my uncle, prepared with the leftover bread dough, some fat ( olive oil or lard) sugar and a good hand full of our walnuts in the bakery of the village.

But founding the recipe it hasn’t been easy, as always happen with popular dishes, its not a proper recipe written about it. All the people you approach will give you a quite generic recipe: a bit of this… a full hand.. as much as you like…

And I needed something a bit more accurate . So I send a message to two friends from there, Miguel and Jessica. They start asking to family and friends and finally they get in contact with the daughter of the baker there, Elena, who his dad pass it to her.

So if you want to try a little piece of I hope you enjoy as much as me with this amazing walnut torte, the píngano.

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